About us

Who we are..

I am Max owner of the travel agency “KRITINET” on the beautiful island of Crete. With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry in Greece, i learned that guests want to learn more about Greek culture, history, values and traditions.
This has led me to “take the guests by the hand” (if desired) to discover fantastic islands together.
Also, i was increasingly asked for diving opportunities. Resulting in me making contacts with several diving schools and now work together very successfully with some selected diving schools on various different islands .

Why Kritinet ?

We now offer a wide range of different accommodation (holiday home, villa or hotel) on 5 different islands; Crete, Santorini, Milos, Serifos, and Kimolos.
Through personal advice, we can put together a completely tailored holiday, completely according to your wishes, whether it is a round trip, where different islands are visited, a diving trip from A to Z, or eg. a privately guided hike through one of the many gorges of Crete. Visit untouched areas far from mass tourism, take part in the Greek life and taste local products, we are happy to assist you and are always at your side with advice and assistance!

Our Mission..

Our mission is to promote the Greek culture, the history, the values, the traditions, and visiting pure-untouched areas far away from mass tourism, and let you be part of the local lifestyle. Informing and showing you places away from tourist centers, tasting local products, and understanding the culture that Greece has to offer.
Kritinet is very conscious about respecting natural sources of the Greek islands, history, and culture. Our principles as company and as human beings have a lot to do with the protection of the natural environment and of course our role as local business owners and guides is oriented towards the same direction.

Our Inspiration..

We are inspired by the Greek islands, we continually try to find new ideas to advance the islands sustainability, to turn our principles into actions and to consider the local ecology. We make sure that our company, the surrounding environment and the places that we visit, in general remain clean. We collaborate with various local businesses aiming for a holistic development for the Greek islands