Winterholiday on Crete

Crete is the most southern island of Greece, and here you can enjoy 300 sunny days per year. With an average temperature of 15 degrees celcius in winter, Crete is very suitable to be considered as a winterholiday destination. Although the watertemperature is for most people not suitable to swim in winter, there are enough reasons to come to Crete during wintertime…

Why come to Crete in the winter ?

Temperatures are mild and almost never go below 10 dergrees celcius.
Since Crete is a summer destination, there will be far less tourists walking around, meaning
no queues at museums, quiet beaches, etc
Crete in winter is perfect for hiking. The majority of interesting places are accessible year round…
In the winter you can also take part in all kinds of activities which will not take place during summer, like harvesting of olives, producing raki, etc

Winter Accommodation on Crete

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Winteractivities on Crete

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