Found 14 km east of Rethymno, is the small village of Asteri where the amazing villa Citrus is located. At a distance of 3km from the sea, this traditional and picturesque settlement overlooks the Aegean sea to the north and the highest mountain of Crete, Psiloritis, to the north east. Within a few kilometers, guests can reach the Holy Monastery of Arkadi which has become a historical symbol since the 1866-1869 revolution against the Ottoman empire.

A stronghold of Cretan history and resolution, it is a very interesting structure; externally, it looks like a fortified Venetian baroque style church, with a magnificent facade, while the interior resembles a fortress.

The powder magazine of the Monastery was set on fire to prevent the civilians from being massacred by the Turks. The surrounding areas are full of Roman relics and findings that reveal an even more salient past. Further archeological discoveries exposed the city of Ancient Eleftherna, a necropolis dating from the geometric and archaic years, plus Hellenistic and Roman buildings, Minoan settlements on the hills of Hamalevri, an ancient oil mill dating from the Roman years (2nd-3rd century AD) and cemeteries of the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman period.

Now, travellers can also visit the recently opened museum of the Eleftherna archeological site which is brimming with extraordinary finds.

Villa Citrus

Situated in close proximity to Asteri Villa, in the village of Asteri, 14 km east of Rethymno and 3 km from the beach, is the new, two-level, Villa Citrus.
Set in a beautifully lush garden with tall cypress and orange trees as well as a sensational, hydro-massage swimming pool, the Villa Citrus promises to be your dream setting for a blissful Cretan vacation.
Privacy and charming luxury are the highlights of the ambience here.

The contemporary, modern decor creates a sense of calm that prevails throughout the property.
Suitable for families or groups of friends up to 6 persons, the villa allows for quality moments spent indoors and out!
Comfort is above all here, with interiors that are primarily oriented to providing guests’ maximum repose. The high grade materials used convey a certain level of elegance that is apparent everywhere you turn. Simply graceful…

The charming and modern styled Villa Citrus is built for wonderful carefree moments in fully verdant surroundings that will instil an instant sense of wellbeing.

The Villa Citrus awaits to host your next Cretan escape, in its stylish environment.
The modernity of the villa’s interiors is teamed up with the sophisticated, spacious outdoors that will allow you to find yourselves, while you indulge in superior, modern level comforts, and top notch scenics.
Its sizeable 32 sqm sun terrace features a dining table, sofas, a couch-length chair and… astonishing views to the nearby village and the sea.

Located near Asteri Villa, combined, these villas can accommodate up to 14 people, making them an ideal choice for family holidays.


Airport Chania 79 km
Airport Heraklion 73 km
Tavern 850 m
Supermarket 3 km
Bank with ATM 3 km
Gasstation 1500 m
Nearest beach 3 km

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