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Lassithi is located on the eastern side of Crete and is famous for its authentic and well-preserved mountain villages, its beautiful landscapes and unspoiled character, though it has some popular places like Elounda, Sissi, Sitia and Ierapetra.

The best beach of Lassithi is Vai, an amazing place with an impressive palm forest and crystal clear waters.
Very interesting are also the traditional villages on the plateau of Lassithi, which preserve all local customs and a quiet life.
A drive will take you to ancient sites and medieval castles, such as the Minoan Palace of Zakros and the famous island of Spinalonga.

Archaeological sites
Gournia (late Minoan city)
Itanos (Minoan / Doric port city)
Kato Zakros (Minoan Palace)
Monastery Toplou
Mochlos (Minoan settlement)
Palekastro (Minoan city)
Vassiliki (Minoan village) Text Content

Other attractions

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Archaeological Museum Agios Nikolaos
Archaeological Museum Sitia

Natural sites
Lasithi Plateau
Palm beach of Vai