The prices are including:

  • Transfer from your Hotel, Villa or House to the dive center and back.
  • Diving Insurance
  • Weights & Tank
  • Water & Snack during the break
  • Boat and Guided Dives
  • The best diving professionals
  • Staring times at 9 a.m or 2 p.m
  • Full gear rental € 10,-
Please keep in mind:
* Every scuba or snorkeling experience we offer depends on the weather conditions. So, sometimes the program and the diving areas might change. * You can always ask for a customized diving course.
Offered in Greek, English, and Spanish

* If you would like to dive at the elephant cave the cost is 30 euro extra of the total price and we organize it upon request depends on the weather conditions.

4 Days, 8 Dives

Explore the most beautiful underwater sites!
From € 320,-
Day One: The Cavern and the Dragon Nest
Day Two: Caramelo and Stavros
Day Three: Agios Onoufrios area and Bat Cave
Day Four: Theater and Seal cave


This program is designed to provide comprehensive training to those who wish to become SCUBA divers.

Emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed to develop a safer novice diver and to develop a sense of confidence and responsibility in those joining the adventures of underwater discovery.

At the end of the program the diver will be certified to dive to a maximum depth of 21msw ,in open water, accompanied by other divers of at least the same level, without supervision of a divemaster , assistant instructor or instructor.

Prerequisites: medical statement , must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a documented parent or legal guardian authorization, or a minimum 12 years of age for junior diver qualification, or minimum 18 years of age without parent or guardian approval .

The Advance Open Water Diver course helps you to increase your confidence and build your scuba skills through 5 dives such as

A) night dive

B) search and recovery

C) perfect boyancy

D) navigation

E) deep dive up to 30 meters(99ft)

The diver is certified up to 30m(99ft)

What makes equipment DIR?

To answer this question, we must first ask another question – what is DIR? DIR, aka Doing-It-Right diving is based upon safety. The DIR diving system is based around maximising safety in the water. A DIR diver is trained in many protocols and drills that add to this foundation of DIR equipment.

When diving as a DIR team – we are all trained identically. All of the procedures and drills are identical. Our equipment is rigged completely identically. Why? Standardisation improves safety as familiarity improves comfort. I can dive with any DIR diver around the world, we might not even speak the same language but we can still dive together and I know that if my regs fail and I go to him asking for a reg, I know which one he will give me. If my buddy’s primary regulator free-flows I know which post to shut down for him. Standardisation builds team work and improves safety … but most of all, it makes the dives more fun!

These IANTD dpv programs will introduces the diver to the use of underwater propulsion vehicles. The programs cover the basic principles of DPV diving and are designed to introduce divers to the skills and knowledge required for use of propulsion vehicles.

IANTD Training requires an emphasis on awareness, dive-planning, teamwork, environment, stress management, navigation, conservation, standard and emergency procedures, DPV maintenance and trouble shooting and the potential hazards of diving with a DPV.

The first step to the diver professional career path. The IANTD Divemaster Course is designed to provide responsible training to those who wish to escort divers during recreational dives, and to assist in IANTD Openwater Diver programs. You will be assisting other instructors in actual class situations and present basic information on supervising actual dives. We stress diver evaluation and prevention of problems.

“Essentials of exploration” is an IANTD course that any diver can take in order to up great the skills, safety , maximize the pleasure and comfort of his diving…

This Program is designed to teach divers how to manage diving accidents and other injuries that may occur at a dive site. It is a one day course and the diver is trained to C.P.R techniques

Divers will learn how to recognize illnesses which are treated by emergency oxygen, be able to set up equipment, and administer emergency oxygen.

The most challenging, yet most rewarding course that you can have in recreational diving. Why? Because you learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver, knowing that you can help others if needed. During the course, you learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem solving skills until they become second nature.

Learn about deep diving and the specific parameters that it has.

What is NITROX(EANx)?

Each mixture with air oxygen percentage from 22% to 40%is called Enriched Air.

Why become a nitrox Diver?

*Because it allows to stay for a longer time underwater!

*Allows me to make smaller surface interval!

How much longer my bed offers an Enriched Air?

If you want to dive on air to 18msw depth, you will get maximum bottom time 56 minutes.If you change the breathable gas in EANx36 (36%oxygen 64%nitrogen) time zero will increase in 125 minutes,extremely usefull in underwater photographers,explorers etc.

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