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Shipwrecks – and aircraft wrecks, caves, reefs … the Greek islands have a lot to offer to spoiled divers. Whether on Santorini, or Crete, there are countless dive sites waiting to be inquired by you. Join us under the surface and..


The Land Rover Safari takes you to a very high altitude, bringing you in touch with the island’s soul, local customs and traditions and showing you to a part of the island where you would normally never come.


High mountains, deep gorges, various Greek islands are a paradise for hikers. Enjoy guided hikes like the Samaria Gorge on Crete, or go on your own to the many different other tracks and trails.. we support you with the right advice ..


Discover small bays from the water ..
With our private boat tours you visit bays that are partially accessible only from the water .. snorkeling in the crystal clear water, BBQ on the beach, while the sun sets …


The Greek cuisine is very varied with lots of vegetables and fish, combined with numerous wild herbs and wild vegetables. Sheep and goat meat is very important on the Greek diet. Learn to cook traditionally with one of our cooking classes.


Discover the most beautiful beaches, excavations or small traditional villages, with a tour guide who explains a lot on the way. Come along and visit the beaches of Balos, the excavations of the Akroteri, or the monasteries with their long past..