Why Kritinet

We offer a wide range of different accommodation (holiday home, villa or hotel) on the greek island of Crete.
Through personal advice, we can put together a completely tailored holiday, completely according to your wishes, whether it is a round trip over the island, or a combination from Crete with another island or a diving trip from A to Z, we are happy to assist you in any way we can..


Our mission is to promote the Cretan culture, the history, the values, the traditions, and visiting pure-untouched areas far away from mass tourism, and let you be part of the local lifestyle. Informing and showing you places away from tourist centers, tasting local products, and understanding the culture that Greece has to offer.


We are inspired by Crete, we continually try to find new ideas to advance the island sustainability, to turn our principles into actions and to consider the local ecology. We make sure that our company, the surrounding environment and the places that we visit, in general remain clean. We collaborate with various local businesses aiming for a holistic development for Crete!

Holiday Homes on Crete

If you are looking for peace and quiet then spend your holiday in one of our Holiday Homes on Crete. Located in traditional villages where time stood still, but never far away from beautiful beaches and nightlife. In the villages you will find a warm hospitality, traditional atmosphere, Cretan tradition, village life, pure flavor, and rich flora and fauna.

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(Boutique) Hotels Crete

Our hotels philosophy is founded on three principles: respect for the environment, an appreciation of culture, and a passion for discovery. Each hotel has been selected for its contribution to the preservation of local heritage. Our hotels offer holidaymakers authentic hospitality experiences and the ultimate in simple and effortless charm. Outstanding quality in service and accommodation are the core of the hotels experience.

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Villas on Crete

Choose for luxury and exclusivity and enjoy your holiday in one of our villas on Crete. Find a villa which suites to your needs, and where all your wishes will be fulfilled. The villas are all located on breathtaking locations,but only a few minutes drive from several sandy beaches. If you would like to live in a luxury residence, taste natural honey and virgin olive oil, walk on village paths or local countryside, or smell the flowers in bloom, then join us for an unforgettable experience !

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Winterholiday on Crete

Crete is the most southern island of Greece, and here you can enjoy 300 sunny days per year. With an average temperature of 15 degrees celcius in winter, Crete is very suitable to be considered as a winterholiday destination. Although the watertemperature is for most people not suitable to swim in winter, there are enough reasons to come to Crete during wintertime….

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Diving Crete

Shipwrecks – and aircraft wrecks, caves, reefs … the Greek islands have a lot to offer to spoiled divers. Whether on Santorini, or Crete, there are countless dive sites waiting to be discovered by you.

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Landroversafari Crete

The Landroversafari takes you to a very high altitude, bringing you in touch with the island’s soul, local customs and traditions and showing you to a part of the island where you would normally never come.

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Hiking Crete

High mountains, deep gorges, various Greek islands are a paradise for hikers. Enjoy guided hikes like the Samaria Gorge on Crete, or go on your own to the many different other tracks and trails..

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Private Boat Tours Crete

Discover small bays from the water ..
With our private boat tours you visit bays that are partially accessible only from the water .. snorkeling in the crystal clear water, BBQ on the beach, while the sun sets …

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Cooking Class Crete

The Greek cuisine is very varied with lots of vegetables and fish, combined with numerous wild herbs and wild vegetables. Sheep and goat meat is very important on the Greek diet. Learn to cook traditionally with one of our cooking classes.

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Botanical Guided Walk

The fascinating purple of the thyme mixed with the fragrances of the oregano, the sage, the julian, the marjoram in the atmosphere will stimulate our senses leading us to explore the garden of healing and aromatic herbs.

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Visit Local Producers

We meet Kostas & Litsa in their herbs factory packaging the collected oregano, sage and mountain tee. Kostas introduces us to the processes of herbs collection, herbs oil extraction and making of essential oils. Litsa learns us ways of using the herbs in our daily life and their healing benefits.

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The Olive Oil Path

First stop at a local farmer who uses organic methods of cultivating. We will walk with him under the olive trees, we will discuss the methods, the secrets and the difficulties of cultivating olive trees, we will see the olive trees planted by his father and at the end we will taste his excellent olive oil

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Picking oranges is the easiest possible harvesting process; moreover you are surrounded by the wonderful aroma of the fruit and out in beautiful scenery surrounded by orange trees.

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In the Heart of the Mountains

First we visit the bee-keeper close to the mountain village of Embrosneros. We will don bee-keeper’s costumes, open the hives and see the bees, including the Queen, and discover all the secrets of bee-keeping.

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